... for You

Having given in to an unusual style of doom
a thought that has no back up room
the dead end blocks and the look of the resentful eye and in my death I won't say hi

Having pushed off the unwanted kiss in a gentle style you still wave your hand as I pass by
even as my blood clots with all the thoughts
of your enclaves that end up in graves

Looking at you from below
your nostrils pumping, sweat drops glow Is this the vision of pleasure or decay? I’ll take my discontent, but you’ll remain with my bones, hair, and teeth

Push me down a rocky cliff
I will dress in my best things
as you wait by my closed door
please don’t make a fuss, give me some more

Dig me home under brown earth I won't wiggle I promise Dress the grass with flowers only just don’t fuckin say you know me

When you throw me in the water brandishing your father’s totem just push my head ten inches down you’re boring me... please be done

I will give you one more guess from the words you don't possess It’s your fuckin disadvantage
that we don't speak the same language

It has come to this at last
there is nothing to discuss
I will keep my breath for others
Do your thing, just please don't bother

If you want to have your reason over my paternal treason
you must shut my mouth tight and hold my hands down until die so be it
so be it
so be it
so be it
I will rest in dark alone
I will eat the roots from below
I will float with waves to come
I will linger in the dawn
I will haunt the moors at dusk
I will flail in space at last There is nothing you can score
I have everything and more